Just Rambling

For Aunt Bobbi

Hello everyone. Today was a hot one. No monsoon weather to speak of, maybe coming up on Sunday or Monday. I love it when it rains. I actually did not leave the house today. Well, we did take a jog/walk this morning. I’ve been trying to do that everyday, but even at 6:30 or 7:00 am, it’s still very hot. However, I think the adrenaline boost lifts my spirits and is a good start to the day.
Samuel was an easy kid today, only a few screaming moments. He doesn’t do anything half-way so those moments can be quite loud. It must be frustrating not to be able to speak. He wants to talk so badly. He talks a lot of jibberish and really pushes the words out hard as though it is extremely important that I understand what he is saying.

We are preparing for my parents to come and stay with us for awhile so we are trying to move things around and get things organized. It’s kind of fun really.

Jeff and I are researching small house designs. We would love to someday build a small but efficient home somewhere between 600-900 sq. ft. Check out this website if you get a chance…
No, we don’t want to live in a house as teeny as the one Jay from the website lives in, but its the concept that caught our attention. Plus, who wants to spend their whole life vacuuming and dusting? The house we have now is about 1400 sq.ft. which many consider small but there is a lot of wasted space, the design is poor and so is the construction.  Not to say that we aren’t thankful for this home. We are always grateful for what we’ve got…..just looking to the future, dreaming, wondering.

I suppose I’ve gone on long enough. I’m sure there will be more pictures of Samuel and useless thoughts from me to come. 🙂

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