Another Albert Update

Soooo, today we purchased a real Christmas Tree. It smells so nice. Samuel did not really take a big interest in it but I think he will once we put lights on it. Jeff and I are doing well. I’m doing quite a bit of side work while Grandma Creighton watches Samuel (about 15 hours a week). Jeff has also been doing a lot of side work, but will be slowing down shortly as we have decided that it’s more beneficial for me to do the work than him. He has to drive around a lot and yada yada yada… there’s more reasons I won’t go into. 🙂

Samuel is doing great. He has just changed over to one, two hour nap a day which I really like, because it gives me a nice break. He is getting a ton of teeth right now and whining up a storm about it. yay…not really.

It seems to Jeff and I that he is learning new words everyday, he is really a talker. He is a very happy little boy.

We hope to get to visit Grandpa & Grandpa Albert and see all the cousins soon and also Uncle John, Aunt Kai and Cousin Ethan!

But for now it seems everybody is a bit short on dough to be travelling here and there. However, Jeff and I are grateful for the family we have near and far. We love them all! We thank God for providing all that we have and are praying for provision for others as well.

Below are some pictures for you to enjoy!

You can click on them to view them in a larger format.


One thought on “Another Albert Update”

  1. Aunt Bobbi here – what are you feedin’ my boy……he’s growin’ too fast. Also, Gram;ps needs a shave HA HA HA HA

    If you’re coming for a vist to John and Kai, I hope you let me know when so I can book a train into the city to see ALL of you guys, as I’m the onlyfamily you have left in CT

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