A Family Visit to Minnesota

This post is a little past due, but what’s new? Last month we flew to Merrifield Minnesota to Visit Grandpa & Grandpa Albert and the Sutton’s (Jeff’s Sister Kris, her husband Aaron and the kids).
We had a great time with a few very warm days. We had fun bird watching, canoeing, thrift store shopping and just visiting family. We hope to see Jeff’s side of the family more often. We love them lots!  Here are some pictures of what we did and saw.

Swinging on Aaron & Kris’ front porch

Grandpa Albert relaxing with Sam

Samuel’s First Snowfall

Grandpa & Grandma Albert’s House

Grandpa Alberts’ Cool Shed

Grandpa Albert, the Artist

Handsome Husband

 The Canoes

Onto the River

These Turtles were Posing for Us

Canoe Trip

Grandma Albert Pushes Samuel on the Swing

Kris Reads to the Boys

Grandma Albert & Sam Take a Snooze

Together At Last!

One thought on “A Family Visit to Minnesota”

  1. All your pictures turned out great! What a pretty place…And it looked like you had a great visit. 🙂

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