Long time no talkie!

Hello my family and friends,

A lot has happened with us so I thought I’d give you an update. Jeff, Sam and myself have been doing well.  Several months ago we purchased a small pop up trailer from Jeff’s co-worker, which we love! We have only gone camping a couple times since we acquired it but it has been fun. I have attached some pics of an adventuresome hike we took on our last camping trip. We had planned to hike around the lake we were camping on. After a couple hours we found out that the lake was attached (if thats the right way to say it, probably not) to a decent sized river. So we would either have to go all the way back, or cross the river. If we crossed we would be minutes away from our campsite, if we went back it would be at least two more hours of hiking and Sam had fallen asleep in the pack Jeff was carrying him on.

Soooo, we decided to cross. Jeff found a piece of driftwood upon which we placed our precious cargo (Samuel, who was of course very much awake at this point). We then swam across the river and Jeff made another trip back for our backpacks. Well, we were all soaked by the time it was over and I was a bit scared going across but we made it and I doubt we will ever forget it!

We also had a little party for my moms birthday and I have attached some pics of that as well as some random ones. We hope to use the camper quite a bit so we will let you know if we have any further adventures!

Love Meridith

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One thought on “Long time no talkie!”

  1. Sounds like fun! Would loved to have been there with you all 🙂 We miss you so much and Samuel is getting so big! He is so handsome. Next summer we will have to plan a camping trip together.


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