Visit to Oregon

It was just Sam and I on our trip to Portland, OR to visit my sister Erin, Dylan and niece, Olimani. If you know me at all, you know that an airplane ride and 4 night stay in a tiny apartment without Jeff made me nervous. But Samuel, as he often does surprised me with fantastic behaviour, charming our seat neighbors on the plane and taking regular naps at Erins house.

Olimani is a beautiful little baby. She even smiled a few times while I was there. Erin and Dylan are great parents and have fallen in love with the baby. Erin had a lot of energy! We visited a pumpkin patch on a little farm with a view and Dylan took a day off so we could all drive to the beach (about a 1.45 min trip). On the way there we also did a wine tasting and visited the Tilamook factory.

Olimani loves to travel in the car and be carried in a wrap. Oregon is beautiful. It was the rainy season but still lovely. The trees are monstrous and there are forests everywhere. On the way to the beach we drove through the woods and saw the mists and clouds hanging over the hills and clifts.

Sam really like the beach, even though it was blustery that day. He really wanted to stay and dig in the sand but it was really misty and wet so we went to get something to eat.

All in all it was a great trip. Praise God, who took care and watched over us all the way. We are very thankful for Olimani and Erin & Dylan. I am praying they will have all the strength they need as they adjust to being parents. They are coming to AZ for Christmas, which will be fun!

See ya soon!

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