Little trip w/o a little boy…and other stuff

We took our first overnight trip last month without Sam. It was fun but I have to admit, I was pretty anxious about leaving him. We drove down to Florence, AZ which is actually not a great place but there was a neat little bed and breakfast there that I can recommend if you have to be there (for some strange reason). After spending the night in Florence we drove into the Superstition mountains, hiked around a bit and took some pictures. It was really nice. Thanks to my mom who watched him for the night! Lets see…other than that little trip, not a whole lot is going on. I am researching opening an online store geared towards supplements and teas (safe & natural remedies) for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. I am starting a blog on that as well. Jeff is well on his way to a promotion to tech III as he has just taken and passed ASE certification and is working on his CDL. He also plans to start school in the near future so we are gathering up his college transcripts. Sam…well, he is just Sam. Very fun, loving, entertaining, smart. He makes our lives much more interesting to say the least. Oh yeah, we are also planning a vacation to Colorado in July, it will be a camping expedition! We also need to get in a visit to Grandpa & Grandma Albert, or get them to us!

Silly Sam
Loud Sam
Sam’s lips
Yelling Sam
Jeff & I at Canyon Lake
Cowboy guide
Canyon Lake

One thought on “Little trip w/o a little boy…and other stuff”

  1. Great pictures!!! It is hard to believe that the little man I see in the pictures is the same Sam that you brought to Minnesota. He is getting taller and thinner. What a cutie he is!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!

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