Samuel and Family

Hi family and friends, I thought it was about time to let you know what we’ve been up to over the past few months. I know a lot has happened but remembering it all is another story. I’ll do the best I can.

We’ve been working on potty training for sometime now and he was doing really well but we wanted to tackle going “number two” so we could eliminate diapers altogether. He really did not want to poop on the toilet but I finally convinced him when I brought the reward (a jelly bean) into the bathroom so he could see what he was going to get. The nighttime training hasn’t been that bad either as long as we stop liquids an hour before bed or nap. His little bladder cannot make it through the night but Jeff gets up at 4am for work so he just wake Sam up then and takes him. This works out famously for me! Thanks Jeff.
In other news he is learning more and more each day. His unique personality and imagination are a lot fun! He seems to really enjoy people stopping everyone at the store to say “hello.”

A month or so ago my dad took us to Los Vegas to see his office/apartment. I think it was on the 10th floor. It was a fun trip. We just roamed around on the strip and saw some of the elaborate hotels. He also took us to an awesome buffet. There was so much food!
We have been working on our little pop-up tent trailer for our July vacation to colorado. We striped everything out of it…the sink, counters, benches, everything. Then we tore up the laminate flooring an put down some faux wood flooring. A friend of us gave us a box they had lying around. After that we build a long low shelf to set on the floor to act as storage and also a bench. I sewed a cushion for the bench out of a shower curtain. it looks pretty good but don’t examine the sewing job…it’s horrible. Jeff is looking into some way to heat it since it will be pretty cold in the Rockies. We are really looking forward to the trip.
Jeff has been doing very well at work and is developing some thoughts and ideas on ministries serving and guiding young men. Please keep his former bosses family in your prayers as he recently passed away as a result of a car accident.

Below are some pics of Sam and the Vegas trip. Additional pics of our tent trailer mod will be coming soon.

Hope everyone is doing well!

On the merry go round.He really didn’t like this ride. Cool car
Vegas buffet
A blurry Vegas
Dads swanky pad with a view
The bedroom we stayed in
Big tub!
Blurry face

2 thoughts on “Samuel and Family”

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks for the phone call on your way out! Praying you guys are safe and sound? Any new info on your newest family member? It’s gotta be getting close now!

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