July Trip to Colorado

Hey friends and family,

We had a great trip last month to Colorado. We left in the middle of the night to alleviate some of the drive time for Sam, but he was awake most of the time so we won’t do that again. We spent the first night in Telluride Colorado at a ski resort. The scenery there was very dramatic with the hotel situated right on the side of a mountain. It was rainy off and on there which we really enjoyed.

Next we drove on to Crested Butte and camped there for 3 days. It was a lot of fun. We did some camping, attempted to fish and just hung out.

Finally we ended in Colorado Springs, where we drove around to scout the area, went to the zoo, visited some friends and stopped in at Focus on the Family.

It was a really fun trip, a whirlwind though! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

2 thoughts on “July Trip to Colorado”

  1. Hey you all! I could not seem to post comments on the website so I thought I would just send a quick answer here. I love the pictures. Wow! Sam is quite the young man now. We are finishing our last week with Kris and Aaron’s kids. We had Isabelle and Emma for a week, then a week to catch up, Matt and Eli a week, then a week to catch up, Abbey last week and Ian this week. I must admit that I am pretty worn out. Dad took Ian fishing this afternoon and I processed garden stuff and now have a few moments to myself. I layed down for a few minutes but the phone rang so I’m up. We have two days out this week with the Let’s Go Fishing boat where we will take two trips a day out with groups from assisted living homes. Ian will love being on the boat and fishing. We have to go to court with a young teen on Friday because her mom can’t miss work. It already stacks up to be a pretty busy week. Hope you are getting back into the routine after such a neat trip! We love you guys and are looking forward to seeing you all next month some time if that works for you. Mom —

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