Checking out some land

This is some property we have been looking at in Buckeye.

Neighbors to the East
Neighbors to the East
Neighbors to the South
Facing West
Sam not wanting to get out of the car
Facing West
Facing Northwest
Facing Northwest towards the back of the property


2 thoughts on “Checking out some land”

  1. Wow! What views you would have!! We are so used to trees blocking our view that those pictures seem a little bare. Would you have water?? Big question. Dad and I bought a lot in a subdivision in Colorado Springs that had supposedly an “irrigation well” in the middle, but when the people at the end of the development BUILT THE HOUSE FIRST and then drilled for water, they came up almost dry. Not sure what they ever did. What about power? Would you have to pay to have it brought to you or is it already in? Since I didn’t see any other houses I just thought I should ask.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty much just natural desert. There is a shared well, no power currently but there are neighbors and power lines are close by. We would have to pay to have it pulled into a box on the property. 🙂

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