The Garden in March

So this planting season I decided to use only half of the garden space available.  I’m thinking this will give me a better chance of keeping everything alive. I’m pretty new at this and I found the last planting season a little overwhelming.

Front half of GardenThe four center rows are corn. I know I’m kind of putting a lot of eggs in one basket by filling it with corn but I really, really want some corn! Last year the seeds came up fine but then the birds kept pulling them up. Then I planted more but it was just too late and I did not give them enough water. This is is my 2nd try and I have wised up a little and covered all the rows with netting. Take that birds! Now I just have to be sure that I “feed” the corn on occasion.

Tomato plants
Tomato plants

I’m particularly proud of these tomato plants because my father-in-law and I started them from seed and then I transplanted them a few weeks ago. They have easily tripled in size and they love the speckled shade. I hope they taste good!

Shade cover
Shade cover

Jeff built some shade for me on the North side of the garden where I planted a rose bush that was just getting too much sun.  In hindsight I should have planted it on the South side but now I have a bunch of shade that I can grow other stuff under.

Rose bush & BW
Rose bush & BW

Here is a close up of that rose bush and one of our 3 black and white chickens we have named BW1, BW2 & BW3.

One row of Summer squash
One row of Summer squash

It’s pretty fun to see everything growing again and I will try to take some pics at the end of the season.


ps, here is the video Grandma Albert requested…

IMG 0845 from meridith on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “The Garden in March”

  1. Thanks sooooo much for the garden pictures and the pictures of your chickens! Looks like so much fun. The garden looks great!!. The video of Sam riding his bike is great!! How did you do that and not crash your bike?? Did one of you ride the bike and the other sit on the back??

    Grandma Albert

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