Trail Running

Hey friends & family,

We’ve been in limbo for some time now as we build our new house. In the meantime I’ve been running. Literally. I have enjoyed running in the past but my knees have always gotten the better of me. Is “gotten” a word? But I’ve recently learned some new techniques, exercises and been schooled in proper form and I think it’s really helping. It’s been exciting to actually move forward some goals of longer distances I’ve set for myself.

Right now I am running about 3x a week with 2 shorter runs of 3 miles and 1 longer that’s about 5 miles. There are a bunch of exercises and drills I have to do each day to be able to run without knee pain. I think building up basic core strength is really important as well, especially for trail running.

The other day Jeff and I ran in the White Tank Mountains near our house and it was so beautiful. When you think of the desert your mind immediately begins to form images of blowing sand or maybe cacti and dry brush. While there are definitely an abundance of cactus, we found sprays of yellow and purple wild flowers over every hills and small green meadows sprouting in low places. Here are a few pics from that last run.

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