House build for September 2017

Hello friends and family!

So much has happened since I last showed photos. Our summer is like winter elsewhere…I usually get a bit down and don’t communicate as much ( as though I’m a big communicator anyway ). We did some fun things this summer to escape the heat including a vacation in the Colorado mountains and a much needed visit to Minnesota to see Jeff’s parents, Jerry & Susan and also his sister Chris and her beautiful family.

Since we signed on the loan progress on the house has gone through the roof. Turns out all it takes to get things done is money. Hmmm….who would have thought? 🙂

Another cool thing that happened recently was a visit from my friends/church staff. Missy, who is the “get stuff done” chick, a.k.a. administrator planned a trip out to our new house as a birthday gift and had everyone write a blessing or verse on the wall and Trev (Pastor) prayed afterwards. This was very special to me and I will never forget it.

As far as the house is concerned…you can see for yourself but it is coming along quickly. As I type, drywall is being installed. Next will probably come the 2nd part of the A/C installation, power, floors and so on.

We do have a solar pump for our well so we don’t need APS (our local electric company) for that but we decided to get power to start off while Jeff builds a solar system that will take us entirely off grid. This gives us more time and makes it MUCH easier to get the O.K. from the inspectors who decided whether or not everything is good for move-in. I will keep you posted on our journey off-grid.

We are excited and a bit scared about moving. It will be a big change and Jeff and I are not “movers & shakers.” Once we move the land itself will present a variety of projects but all of life is a process and this will be no different. I am praying ahead of time that God will supply me patience and joy to just enjoy things as we go.

If you think of us, please pray that God will bless the land he gave us. Not just for us to live there but for a bigger purpose, whatever that may be. We want glory to go to God through this land…somehow. Pray that we keep our eyes wide open for chances to obey God and do whatever he asks of us.

Love you all very much!

Click on any photo below to scroll through the larger version.

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