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Installing the Solar Pump Pics

This past weekend we went to check something out at the property we purchased in Rainbow Valley. I hadn’t been there in awhile and so had not seen the pump we installed a couple months ago in action because, at the time, there were no solar panel attached and it is a solar pump.

Sometime in the past month Jeff had gone out there and added the panels so that you only have to push a button and boom…water. Needless to say, I was impressed! No electricity, no water bill, just water. Pretty excited. So excited that I thought I would finally post the pics from when we installed the well.

Sam and I were not even sure what we were doing…we just followed the instruction of my genius DIY husband and it only took a couple of hours. All I can tell you is that we installed a Grundfoss Sq Flex 11 pump. We used our SUV to lower it down several feet at at time.

Maybe I can get Jeff to amend this post with more information to help anyone wanting do this, but for now, here are the photos.

Click on any photo for a closer look.